Analytical tools and data for the energy and commodity markets

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The Essentials

Choose from our set of proposed tools on price and fundamental analytics

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The Essentials

European Gas Fundamental Data Service

Exhaustive coverage of European Gas Fundamental Data. Over 120 different sources integrated into a rich data model. Your point of reference for a complete and updated understanding of the European gas markets.

Visualize any fundamental data

Rich and meaningful data model allows to find and study data from country aggregates and balances to individual assets.

Slice and explore the balance

Always updated, integrating different sources as well as physical, allocations and nominations for the most complete overviews.

Friendly and powerful download API

Easily integrate fundamental data into your own systems and models allowing you to dedicate more time to higher value added efforts.

Price Monitor Service

Interactive visualizations on price dynamics. Don't miss any theme. Boost the price monitoring capabilities of your team and the speed of idea generation. Service coverage on natural gas, oil and coal markets. Time and location spreads, boxes and cross commodity. This tool provides a unique blend of powerful analytics and friendly visualization.

Follow curve dynamics

Easily detect themes developing on different markets. Bringing a systematic structure to the market monitoring to allow attribution of price dynamics to principal themes.

Study any trade

Quickly browse through any trade structure from outright contracts to spreads, butterflies and ratios. Visualize historical performance on forward and outturn/cash space to easily uncover skews and trends.

Price anomaly identification

The Price Monitor detects anomalies in level and momentum updating a ranking for the different markets which is an invaluable source for trading ideas.

UK Gas Monitor

Detailed monitoring of the UK Gas market with hourly updates. Your point of reference for a complete and updated understanding of the UK gas balance.

Visualize Supply and Demand

What is supply and demand today? what exactly changed compared to yesterday? how does this balance evolve during the day.

Slice and explore the balance

Interactive visualization for all supply and demand components plus storage levels. Easily visualize seasonal behavior, trends and skews.

Price lab

Explore price performance together with its fundamental drivers. Easily test hipothesys on price behavior against fundamentals.

Tailor made Solutions

Let's discuss and create exactly what you would like to see!

Custom automated data acquisition

We provide automated data feeds upon which you can build your models.

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Custom storage models

Rolling intrinsic or least squares montecarlo, valuation and optimization.

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Custom Solutions For Power Stack Models

Power stack models. Strong data processing including stochastic factors.

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Energy country balances interactive visualizations

Interactive and automated balances for specific countries.

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